Who Is Eligible?

The Wisbech & District Talking Newspaper is a free service in itself, but what makes it even better is that subscribers do not have to pay postage fees. An agreement with the Royal Mail allows us free postage to and from our subscribers on the condition that they are blind, partially sighted, or have a physical disability limiting them from reading in any way. This free postage covers all three recordings each month.

Becoming A Subscriber

If you would like to start your subscription to the Wisbech & District Talking Newspaper or for more information on what is involved, you can do so by contacting our Secretary, Kim, whose details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

It is important to remind you that this is a free service. The entire group here at the Wisbech & District Talking Newspaper are volunteers and we do not individually profit from donations and fundraising. Subscribers can choose to receive the recordings they desire, be it all three programmes, just the fortnightly news programmes, or just the magazine programme.