Spinning Team

The Spinning Team

The Spinning Team take their name from their previous occupation, which was operating the Graff high speed tape copying equipment to duplicate the tape cassettes. From 2007 the team would also incorporate high speed duplication of CD’s for those listeners who wanted them.

As of 2014, we as a charity moved from Tape and CD formats, to USB Memory Sticks. The equipment used to duplicate the USB Memory Sticks works much quicker than the Tape or CD equipment did, but the Spinning Team’s task remains the same – the duplication of the master into the copies that our subscribers receive in the post. The Spinning Team also handle the packing and shipping of the padded wallets in which our subscribers receive their publications.

Team Leader: John

Team Members: Mike, Kathy, Nicolette, Barbara, Madeleine, Graham, Trevor and Philippa